Freeze Response

So, I was having a good day on Friday, then had an enounter with a rude person, the inevitable in a society that seems to reward narcissim.

This sent me into the freeze response which I can spend hours, days in.

I live in a smallish rural town of about 3,000 people, I won’t be able to avoid running into this person again. There is some part of me reasoning that they were just maybe having a bad day, but the little girl part of my is terrified, and that part of me takes over more often than not.

I think there is also an angry teenager that thinks I am gossiped about all the time and that there is a vendetta against me. Sounds crazy when I write it down, but she has a lot of anger that was never allowed to be expressed. I guessing she is the fight response to trauma.

The freeze response is something that I have discussed with my therapist, it is a common reaction to trauma. There is apparently some sort of chemical involved, I have not found any mention of it on the internnet yet.

Trying to do some diaphramatic breathing and talking soothingly to little me. It does work for me, but it is hard to remember to get into the habit of doing it.

I hope life is treating you well, and if you feel like me you are getting the support you need!

Found an article on the freeze response, not much info on it though.

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